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 INDEX|gallery presents a continuous programme of 3 films by artists. 

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Artist by Tracey Moffatt (10 mins)

Om by John Smith (4  mins)

Assemblage by Emily Richardson (5.33 mins) 

Friday 28th & Saturday 29th August 2015

Baptist Hall, Union Street, Stroud, GL5

Continual screening between 5-8 pm

Artist by Tracey Moffatt

Hysteria, frustration, delusion and violence collide in filmmaker Tracey Moffatt’s ArtistEdited from cinematic portrayals of the stereotypical ‘tortured’ artist her film takes us on a captivating and funny journey through the creative process from inspiration, creation to destruction. 

artist still

Om by John Smith (4  mins)

Om by John Smith is a 4-minute gem that asks if things are really as they seem.

cropped OM

Assemblage by Emily Richardson (5.33 mins) 

Emily Richardson’s Assemblage is a mesmeric kaleidoscope of patterns and designs filmed inside the Criterion Auction Rooms in London.

Emily R pix


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  1. Jamie Vans says:

    Those of you are into film might like to look at http://www.visioneca.com/

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