INDEX:  A new artist-run gallery presenting a rigorous and diverse programme of critically-engaged work including INDEX|press magazine, issue three out now

INDEX|gallery is on the original site of Stroud Brewery. Since the old brewerys demise the site has been used for a great many things including the building of a yacht and the repair of vintage motor bikes. The building is now home to a group of artists wishing to make the most of its high ceiling, natural daylight and good access.

Artists involved are:

Helen Kincaid, Matt Curtis, , Joanna Greenhill,  Ali Kayley,  and Oogoo Maia

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7 Responses to “About”
  1. Terry Cripps says:

    I wish you luck and a great following, you will need it.

  2. Noela Bewry says:

    Sounds exciting, we used to live opposite the original Stroud Brewery [Salmon Springs right?] and it is a fabulous space ! Wish you all great success , best wishes Noela and Mark.

  3. Weird bee :D says:

    Going well dad.

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