[…] and non-pure

sound /performance / sculpture / discussion

by Gavin McClafferty

Sunday 18th May
making: 2 – 5pm
talking: 7 – 8.30pm

free event all welcome


We all have works we wish we had seen, that we want to see, that we have missed… Box with the Sound of its own Making by Robert Morris is, for me, one of those works. 

[...] and non-pure v2

To coincide with Stroud’s Site Festival, Gavin McClafferty, artist and co-director of INDEX Gallery, will re-present Robert Morris’s artwork Box with the Sound of its Own Making (1961) as a one day, two part, live event. Part-homage, part-reconnaissance Gavin takes Morris’s seminal work and explores why this work continues to resonate.


The first part of the event is the making – people are invited to come and observe the box’s construction and experience the live sound feed as it is being recorded. The completed box will generate the open discussion in part two, the talking. This will be simultaneously recorded and also added to the box.


[…] and non-pure continues Gavin’s interest in sculpture as object of engagement and investigates implications in Robert Morris’s original work; the making of art and its presentation.


artist statement: link


image: […] and non-pure (2014), artists impression




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